lunedì 22 settembre 2014


 This character was commissioned by Smarthamster s.r.l. as the official Logo of this brand:

 And this is the new one (March 2015) "FREDDY, the labourer"

The summer version: "FREDDY Beach" (June 2015)

The tour of the world in 80 days- The Way across Suez

I did these concept and sketches for a videotutorial for NEMO ACADEMY SCHOOL in Florence, if you're a Nemo student you can see it during school!!

lunedì 15 settembre 2014

Uncle Zita

 I designed this character for Nemo Academy School. A Videotutorial is available for all Nemo's students!!!

venerdì 5 settembre 2014

New City, New life...

This character is inspired to a friend of mine, who's gonna leave for a new adventure in a new city..